74 Days Until Trials Begin: What Is Your Plan?

Jun 4, 2020

As of today there are 74 days until the Trial Exams begin and in that 74 days there are a lot of competing agendas to take a student’s attention away from training for an exam block that will make up approximately 25% of a student’s ATAR. 

The key to success in the Trial exams is to proactively prepare for the event months in advance rather than reactively responding to the urgency of exams 2 or 3 weeks out. Without a consistent approach to revision students will have higher levels of anxiety and stress in the lead up to this next set of exams. 

Whilst we understand that students are still completing coursework and some topics are yet to be started, there needs to be a concurrent campaign of revision and brain training for topics already completed.

For example, some topics won’t have been touched since December last year so if this is left untouched until July there is going to be a lot of work to be done to start to feel comfortable with that topic again. 

Completing revision exercises proactively in the month of June will significantly increase a students ability to increase output leading into July. If a student has consistently taken action (as little as 20 minutes per day) towards being ready for the heavily weighted Trial Exams starting on August 17th they will be able to stay calm, composed and feel in control as the exams get closer and closer. 

At HSC CoWorks we are always working to support your child with their existing and subject specific challenges as well as making progress towards being able to operate successfully and independently in the face of the challenges of the Trial Exams and final HSC exams.

We use the Measured Performance score (effort, engagement and output score) and streak activity (daily training/output) to monitor student progress in this area. For the student who is able to maintain reasonable Measured Performance of 30 – 35+ and have regular streak activity, they will be in a MUCH stronger position and be more prepared for the exam room.

If students in the month of June can be producing the additional output and doing 20 minutes of daily revision (brain training) of previously completed topics they will be at a significant advantage to those who need to build momentum from a low base without the structure of school in the holidays and with so many other competing agendas vying for their attention such as school sport, socialising, social media and anything else that looks more attractive than studying!

Our HSC Specialists are ready to take any questions you have about the HSC process or about how your child can take control of their HSC year and achieve the results which they deserve.

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