The Next 30 Days Could Be The Most Important 30 Days Of Your HSC Campaign

Apr 6, 2014

This may sound ridiculous given we are still 3 months out from the Trial Exams and 6 months out from the HSC however these next 30 days will lay the foundation for the steeper and more challenging sections of the climb up famous Mount HSC.

Approaching Basecamp 2 (end of Term 1) of Mount HSC some of our students have just completed their Half Yearly exams while others have there exams immediately after the holidays and some students don’t have any half yearlies. Regardless which one of these scenarios you fall into, the next 30 days in my opinion is the most important because I believe it will set the tone for the climbs to Basecamps 3(end of Term 2) and 4(end of Term 3).

Still not convinced that these next 30 days are important? Keep reading…

Term 2 is coming

Term 2 is historically the toughest of the 4 HSC terms as the schools are racing to complete as much of the syllabus as possible before the June/July holidays in preparation for the Trial Exams which will in most cases cover the entire syllabus. This means that Term 2 will provide a seemingly endless number of endless number of assessment tasks across all subjects in a 9 week term. Every hour of work completed in the next 30 days will be an investment in taking control of your HSC Campaign in Term 2 and reducing stress and feelings of being overwhelmed in Term 2.

Note: Trial Exams for most schools start within the first three weeks of Term 3.

Build good study habits for the holidays now for better results later

The Easter Holidays are the first set of holidays where holidays are limited to a few days off to rest while the remainder of time will need to be spent revising work completed and preparing for Term 2. We would recommend that apart from the 4-5 days students have off(and forget about the HSC) students need to complete at least 4 hours of effective study every other day. When we get to the June/July holidays students will need to study 6-8 hours each day which will be much more realistic if a student spent 4 hours studying in the April Holidays.

Great HSC results don’t magically happen in Term 3

As we are climbing up to the more difficult stages of Mount HSC the students who will ready for the challenges that lie ahead are those students who consistently take lots of small steps to get to the top of the mountain rather than hoping to take giant leaps just before the exams. The process of lots of small steps is a lot less stressful too.

Tools/suggestions for students over the next 30 days

  1. Basecamp – Make sure you are continuing to use basecamp. If you need another Basecamp session please let your assigned coach know by starting a “discussion”.
  2. HSC CoWorks Online website – Make sure you have watched all the video lessons for your English texts for Term 2. There are other resources there such as sample essays, sample essay questions, sample Essay Building Templates too.
  3. Your English texts – Make sure that you have read or watched all texts which you will be studying in Term 2.

So it’s time to dig deep and make sure that these next 30 days are the most productive of your HSC campaign so far. Below is one of my favourite motivational videos “Dear Hard Work”

If you have any questions or you’re not sure how you should be studying these holidays please contact us via your basecamp project or by email at [email protected]

HSC CoWorks offers HSC Tuition and HSC Coaching in a number of subjects. Our team is made up of a team of HSC experts. Experienced HSC teachers, HSC markers, high achieving ex-students and certified life coaches. We have been a part of successful HSC campaigns since 1996 and in this time we have worked with 1000s of students as they have made the climb up Mount HSC® to get into their dream University course.

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