April Holiday’s Recommended Study Plan

Mar 30, 2015

Hi Everyone,

The April Holidays offer an opportunity to recharge the batteries before we enter the second and more challenging half of the climb up Mount HSC. A strong performance over these holidays will position students well for a very busy Term 2.

We have created our recommended list of “TO DO ITEMS” for the April Holidays to both reduce the stress from Term 2 as well as make serious progress towards great Trial Exam results. This list has been entered straight onto your Basecamp to do list so that you can get straight into ticking these items off. By keeping everything on Basecamp you can be kept accountable by us as well as keeping your parents aware of the work you have completed.

Please feel free to edit/add/customise this list on your Basecamp project to match your subjects/tasks.

It is a long list of tasks, but if you complete it I promise you will be glad you did when the results come out in December.

April Holidays in summary

  • 3 or 4 days off from study(pretend you are not an HSC student)
  • 5 to 6 hours quality study per day on all other days. Tasks shown below are quality study.
  • Work through the below list of tasks one by one.
  • Eat your frog first – Always work on the task that you least want to do first and the rest of your tasks will be a “walk in the park”



Screenshot 2015-03-30 19.22.31

Screenshot 2015-03-30 19.49.10

Basecamp is your Holiday Study Plan

All you need to do is add due dates to the tasks that are already on your list and you will have your to do list as calendar style study plan.


Any questions please post a message on your Basecamp project.

Thanks team

Jesse Gardiner

Head Performance Coach

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