With Term 4 quickly coming to an end, there is a tendency for HSC students to start thinking about the Summer holidays a few weeks before the end of Term.

Having worked with 1000’s of HSC students over the last 17 years we have seen the value of continuing to put in the effort despite the temptation to pull up before the line.

Here are five compelling reasons to continue to put in the effort in the final weeks of Term 4:

Reason 1: In 12 months time when you are at schoolies I guarantee it will be SO much better knowing that you didn’t waste a single moment.

Reason 2: Whether we like it or not, the HSC is a competition and these final weeks of Term 4 are your opportunity to race ahead of the pack as the rest of your year(and the rest of the NSW) mentally clock off for the year.

Reason 3: The Summer holidays are long and you are going to have lots of time to kick back, go to the beach, hang out with friends and do whatever you like.

Reason 4: If you can develop the discipline to study despite there being a lack of urgency you will easily be able to put your head down and work hard when you need to in Term 1, 2 and 3. Developing good study habits early is one of the keys to a successful HSC campaign.

Reason 5: Term 1 and Term 2 are going to be extremely demanding in terms of assessments (compared to Term 4 anyway) so it is crucial that you are on top of all work completed in Term 4. Working hard now will take some  of the pressure off in Term 1.

Hopefully at least one of these reasons resonated with you and it helps motivate you to keep going. Looking forward to a big turn out this weekend for the Weekend Support Sessions.

For dates and times for the Summer holiday study support sessions for our existing HSC tuition and HSC coaching students please click here. 

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