Don’t give up just yet on that Maths textbook. Take one more look at that Physics homework. It could be bad news or good news depending on how you look at it, but these subjects will determine whether or not you get to make serious money in the future.

Those who have degrees in maths and science related fields are proven to have a higher percentage of job opportunities. Even as you look at the top 10 careers for the future, most of them require some sort of math or science background.

That essentially means that you don’t have to become a mathematician in the future; you just have to know enough to get by in your chosen career.

The reason for this is simple; math and science is all about problem solving. Those who love maths love the chance to solve a problem. This is why engineers all have excellent math backgrounds as they are always looking to solve the next problem. Math is also crucial to one of the most important jobs of the future; data analysts. This job has been called future-proof, meaning that there is hardly any chance that this job will ever go away. It’s kind of nice to know that no computers or machines will ever take the job of an analyst. They may start an uprising and battle the humans over control of the earth, but they can’t handle data analysis the way a human mind can. That’s sort of reassuring, I suppose.

Science is the same deal. Focusing on science doesn’t have to mean putting on the lab coat and pouring steaming beakers of liquids into other liquids. Science backgrounds allow you to get great jobs in the medical world as a paramedic, a doctor, anaesthetist or a therapist of some sort. Therapy jobs are going to be even more needed in the future as the population gets older.

So, hang on just a little bit longer and earn the great rewards that a background in maths and science can offer.

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