Jobs of the Future: Become an Entrepreneur, Do Your Own Thing

Aug 23, 2016

entrepreneur-593358_1920Still one of the greatest ways to make your mark in this world is through a business of your own.

The best part is that the most successful entrepreneurs are often university dropouts or never even bothered to go.

That’s no excuse to be lazy, but it is certainly interesting to see how an entrepreneur thinks. If you’re always looking for ways to gain an edge or solve a problem for someone else, this is the future for you. There are no required classes, no speciality schools; no courses to take that can effectively teach you how to be an entrepreneur.

Your class is your customer and what they think of your business idea. Will they pay money for it? If not, you’ve learned one more way not to sell something. Your school is the marketplace. If you think you can come up with a better way to do a service, you can learn from how others did it before you and then offer something better. Your specialised course is effort and failure. It’s the entrepreneur who learns failure early and keeps on putting in the effort that ends up succeeding.

A lack of failure means that you aren’t trying hard enough. Which is a failure in itself.

Entrepreneurs simply look at the world as it is and ask if there if that is the only way to do something. Or they notice problems no one else notices. For example, nobody really thought a taxi service was broken. They might not be always reliable, but nobody really saw a need there to change it up.

Until Uber came along.

Now everyone wonders how they got along without it in the first place.  This is what an entrepreneur can do, and what you can achieve with a lot of effort and a few failures to learn from. Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t an excuse to skip out on school. It’s a chance to tell the schools that you’re going to work harder, learn more, and become more successful than they could ever make you.

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