Race your friends to the top of Mt HSC! Get rewarded for your holiday study! Be prepared for your trial exams!

Congratulations on reaching Base Camp Three of Mt HSC! You’ve now completed 75% of the journey, but only 30% of the altitude.

The next couple of months will be the most challenging ascent so far, with new content weighing you down and trials looming large. These holidays are your chance to get on top of your coming assessments, which will account for the greatest portion of your internal assessment mark.

To keep you focused on the climb ahead Basecamp will prove an invaluable tool for organisation, motivation and communication with your support team. In order to provide an extra level of incentive for your holiday study, we’ll be running a fun competition over Basecamp.

The students who complete the most Basecamp tasks over the holidays will win a meal for them and their mates at a hamburger joint, our shout!

HSC Coaching for Mount HSC


The Prizes:

1st prize- hamburger lunch for you and 5 mates (worth approx. $100)

2nd prize- hamburger lunch for you and 3 mates (worth approx. $70)

3rd prize- hamburger lunch for you and 1 mate (worth approx. $35)

The Rules:

All written tasks must be over 200 words and submitted to our markers via hsccoworks.com. All other work must be uploaded as a file or photo to your Basecamp project. Any task that is not uploaded to either site will not be counted. The students with the greater number of eligible tasks completed within the designated period will be the winner. Second and third will be judged accordingly. The judges decision will be final.

Holiday Basecamp Competition_1