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Belonging Creative Writing: Full Lesson on Creative Writing Question

Q: In this video, what does Ferg say the best time to come up with an idea is?

Video Lesson 1 for Gatsby and Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Poetry

Q: According to Ferg, where does the significant tension in the Great Gatsby first come from?

Romulus, My Father Recorded Webcast

Q: According to Ferg, if you remember the quotes from a text, what does that mean you will also remember?

Frankenstein/Bladerunner – Lesson

Q: According to Ferg, how much of your Frankenblade essay should be contextual references?

The Crucible – full UNSW webcast

Q: Ferg makes note of how the witchcraft trials are a complex set of strategies to enable the powerful to get what they want. Whose strategies does he compare the witchcraft trials to?

Birthday Letters – Video Tutorials

Q: How does Ferg answer the question ‘How do I write a great essay?’

Yeats Lesson 2

Q: What three stages does Ferg think are the most valuable to look at in analysing Yeats’ poetry?


Q: What does Ferg say that school lacks for Peter, and how does this make him feel?


Q: What does Ferg mention Gogol is holding at the end of the novel?

Emily Dickinson

Q: According to Ferg, what show would you never catch Emily Dickinson watching?

Educating Rita (Video Lesson)

Q: According to Ferg, why is Frank’s haircut big?

Virginia Woolf (Video Lesson 1)

Q: What does Virginia Woolf call people like Paris Hilton?

Orwell – Essays (Critical Study of Text Video Lesson 1)

Q: What does Ferg think is the most influential factor in personal responses to a text?


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