Jesse’s Weekly Message – 16 June

Jun 16, 2023

Good morning everyone!
Another Friday rolls around and it’s now only 45 days until the Trial Exams start for most students. For other students it’s either 52 days or 59 days.
Last night we ran the first ‘Conquer your Trial Exams’ workshop in Bondi Junction and I asked students if they thought 46 days was a long time to which one student replied, ‘kind of is’. She is right until you look at everything that needs to be completed between now and July 31st. I then asked the same student a few slides later if she still felt 46 days is a long time and she replied with a strong no!
Given one week flies by so fast, six weeks is going to go very quickly and my key message to students last night was the need to get moving now rather than waiting until the final week of the school holidays when urgency sets in. Trying to prepare for the Trials between the 7th of July and the 31st of July (with two of those weeks back at school) will inevitably lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and underprepared for the demands of the exam papers.
Yes these are ‘trial’ exams however given they are weighted between 30% and 40% of the internal assessment (accounting for 50% of the final HSC result) this is one final opportunity to improve rankings which are a key determinant of the ATAR calculation. It also should be noted that the format/structure of the exam is already known (and matches the final HSC exams) so the only reason a student can’t move forward with their Trial Exam preparation would be that they have other assessment tasks still running before the end of term.
I have three more workshops coming up over the next fortnight and I encourage all HSC CoWorks students to attend so that they can be clear on how to apply the six key behaviours to their study, how to study more effectively, how to breakdown tasks and study time per module, how to stay laser focused on your goals… and so much more! Pizzas served at the end.

Have a great week everyone!

Jesse GardinerHead Performance Coach

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