Jesse’s weekly hsc message 19 May

May 19, 2023

There are lots of assessment tasks happening at the moment as the schools race to get through the content before the end of this school term for Year 12 students. In my 15 years of guiding students to the top of Mount HSC I have always found this stage of the journey to be the most challenging due to the high pace of content delivery, final assessments before Trial exams and everything else that is happening in a teenagers life. 

As of today Trial Exams begin in 73 days for most of our students (for everyone else they are 80 days away). This week we have been asking students how quickly a week goes for them and everyone has been able to acknowledge that each week is flying by. Students have just over 10 of those weeks to whizz by before they are walking into their first Trial Exam. 

It’s obviously critical that students focus on their current assessment tasks but we are determined to ensure that some revision of completed topics is completed each day to significantly reduce the chances of students being overwhelmed with the volume of content that will be examined in the Trial exams. With as little as 10-15 minutes of revision (active recall/memory based tasks) per day on completed topics students will be in a much stronger position in 5 or 6 weeks time when the serious exam training begins. 
In our sessions we are allocating 10 – 15 minutes of every session to these revision tasks (quote write outs and syllabus mind maps) to build stronger habits and even if this is the only revision a student is doing, at least they are making some progress towards being ready for the Trial exam room. It all helps.
For our Year 11 students, the same principles apply. Yearly exams will be immediately after the Trials and will examine all topics covered (although English, Modern History and Ancient normally don’t examine all topics). With this in mind the revision process needs to be ongoing rather than it being months since a topic has been looked at.
This week we announced some ‘Get Ready for your Trials’ workshops for each campus late June. This is a members only event with limited places in each campus. We will be running a virtual session with the same content which won’t have a limit on numbers so if you miss out on the session on campus there will always be the virtual zoom option. 
For those looking for regular motivation delivered to your instagram feed I’ve started a new Instagram account focused purely on motivation and getting students to finish their HSC with no regrets. It’s great to see some parents more following as well. The instagram account is  @hsc_jesseg if you wanted to follow. 

Jesse GardinerHead Performance Coach