Jesse’s Weekly Message – 2 June 2023

Jun 5, 2023

The mission of HSC CoWorks is to support students finish their HSC with no regrets. In order for a student to have no regrets, they are going to need to consistently do the tasks that they don’t want to do so they can continually expand their capabilities and develop the skills needed to perform at their full potential.
No one wants to do the tasks they don’t want to do in life, but we must be prepared to do these tasks if we want to achieve stronger results than most people. One of our favourite motivational quotes at CoWorks is ‘Today I will do the tasks that others won’t so tomorrow I can do the tasks that others can’t’.
We are always encouraging and supporting students to complete the tasks that others won’t, so they are in a stronger position tomorrow. If a student isn’t ready to move into the more challenging tasks, the focus needs to be on laying stronger foundations around the student key behaviours.
I’ll be walking side by side students and doing something every single day that I don’t want to do between now and the Trial Exams (July 31) by be doing over 20,000 burpees. 300 per day and 500 on Fridays. I’m not going to write practice essays, write out syllabus mind maps from memory, or do endless practice exam questions but I’ll do the burpees! As of today I’m up to 4500 so only 15,500 to go. You can follow my journey on my instagram account @hsc_jesseg.
For our Year 12 students we are running pre-trials workshops later this month where I will get students motivated and clear on how they can study effectively for the trials exam room and finish the last three months of their schooling career with no regrets! I have also made myself available for motivation/mindset catch ups with students between 8:30pm and 9:30pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings going forward. These calls can be booked via the student/parent portal and run for around 30 minutes.
As always, parents are encouraged to book a call with me to discuss their teen’s journey or ask any questions about the student’s weekly progress report.
Have a great week everyone!

Jesse GardinerHead Performance Coach

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