Knowing your ‘why’ when you are studying for your HSC is the first and most important step to improving results.

Without clarity around all the benefits (a.k.a your ‘why’) of conquering your HSC challenges a student is unlikely to operate with the level of focus, self discipline and drive required in order to achieve a top result.

While most students will have some kind of ATAR target and this will be on a piece of paper stuck to their wall above their desk that says ‘90’ and while this is better than nothing it is unlikely that this will inspire someone to take action and persevere when the going gets tough.

Turning a number with little emotional attachment into an inspiring Vision that energises a HSC student to take consistent action requires exploring the rewards and associated feelings that will accrue if Mount HSC is conquered.

  • What do you want to be able to say to yourself about your effort levels when you walk out of the exam room for the very last time?
  • When you are at schoolies in Byron or Gold Coast how do you want to feel looking back at your effort levels towards your HSC?
  • What qualities do you need to demonstrate in order to make your HSC Vision your reality?
  • What are the qualities you will need to achieve success in life and university? (hint – the same ones as you need to conquer your Mount HSC!)
  • How will you feel when you open up your results and you have achieved your goal?
  • How will you feel if you open your results if they are disappointing?
  • What University courses are you interested in? How will it feel getting into your preferred course?
  • Do you want your HSC results to be a demonstration of your gratitude to your parents for everything they have done for you over the last 18 years?

Here is an example of the type of HSC vision that provides the inspiration and energy required to actually take the actions that will turn the HSC Vision into an HSC reality. 

John’s HSC Vision: Use my HSC to create a better future for myself, Canada trip post HSC will be that much better if I have zero regrets, Business related degree, Schoolies will be that much better if it is a reward for all the hard work, 85-92 ATAR, i want to use the HSC to demonstrate that I have persistence, courage, determination and resilience in the face of challenges.

As you can see there can be so much more to HSC goals than simply a number. At HSC CoWorks we position the HSC as an opportunity to develop into an accomplished operator who is ready for the exciting challenges of Mount Uni and Mount Life.

In our next blog in this series of ‘Getting and staying motivated for HSC success’ we will look at how students can keep their HSC Vision firmly front of mind throughout their HSC campaign and as a result eliminate distractions and procrastination. CLICK HERE TO READ