This Sunday Fergus will be running two 60 minute seminars for “Pride and Prejudice/Letters to Alice”. The first 5 people to register for the seminar will get a free ticket normally worth $40!

10am to 11am “Pride and Prejudice/Letters to Alice”

Use promo code: coworksseminar for your free ticket (only available for the first 5 people to register) otherwise $40.

n this 60 minute seminar we will show you how to write a great comparative essay that is aligned to HSC outcomes and get you prepared for your upcoming assessment task.

Specifically we will show you:
1. How to handle that delicate balance between contextual ideas along with textual evidence for both texts.
2. How to write that great essay by streamlining your classroom notes and ideas into a clear and concise essay building template.
3. How to explore connections, similar themes and values that are reflected in both texts, while also being alert to shifting perspectives over time.
4. How to impact the marker with an impressive introduction and ongoing topic sentences.
5. How to include the all important detail of the texts such as techniques, quotes and elaboration.

All this can be achieved in the one hour seminar. If you’re unsure of how to deal with Austen’s satire on the ‘landed gentry’ and Weldon’s didactic purpose then this seminar is for you.

The HSC CoWorks Mosman is located in Gurrigal Street Mosman. For directions please visit our contact page