As we move into the busiest assessment term of the HSC, now more than ever, I cannot stress enough the importance of utilising the HSC CoWorks website, for both its resources and for submitting.

Both the website and brain based learning are significant tools for HSC success. Both of them:

# Encourages and support independent learning
# Allows students to compile information and record it in a secure place.
# Allows for work to be assessed via our HSC Markers which means that the work can be viewed as a project in process that is getting you to the top of Mount HSC.
# Allows the coaches to work with students to focus on the behaviours of thinking, processing and submitting rather “info dump” which is an excellent life learning skill

We have heard from many parents who have recently had Parent-Teacher interviews that their child “isn’t doing enough’. The HSC CoWorks website is is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning you can stay in the game remotely and there are no excuses for not doing enough. These resources are an excellent reference point presented in a concise manner which means its quicker than other forms of medial notes like reading notes or highlighting work.

At HSC CoWorks, year after year, the students who perform the best are those who are active on the website and use it to submit work. Three years ago when I sat the HSC, I submitted nothing for my first English assessment and ranked 160th/250. For my second assessment, I put my head down and was submitting until I hit those 20/20 and it paid off – I came 1st in that assessment. I can’t stress enough how useful the website is. So what are you waiting for, get on it!