Many students take Year 11 as a breeze-through year; ‘it doesn’t count for anything’, ‘I’m saving myself for the HSC’. At HSC CoWorks we strongly disagree with these sentiments.

Year 11 is a vital year to bed down study behaviours, commit to the strategies that HSC CoWorks use and are known to work and to establish the required skills to start the HSC at an advantage.

The process of building up the right study techniques, familiarising yourself with the assessment process is just like that of athletes that train for the HSC. If we think of 100M sprinters, they train years for that quick 10 second race. That’s just like the HSC. It represents a mere 5% of your life so far and yet requires years of preparation.

In junior school there is a lot less focus on performance and results. As such, many students struggle with the transition to Year 11. Committing to working with us at HSC CoWorks, exposes you to the organisational skills and independent learning required to get those awesome HSC results.

We look forward to working with you over the next two terms to build up these skills and putting them to good use come Term 4!