You’ve got just one term to go until you start your own journey up Mount HSC. Just as mountaineers pack their bags to ensure they have all the equipment for the climb, so should you be prepping now to ensure you have what you need for the HSC.

  • Have a vision – This allows you to set an end point, a goal that drives you to work hard throughout your HSC campaign.
  • Support network – It’s important to ensure that you have a person or people, whether it’s family, friends or teachers who are able to support you up the climb.
  •  Tools and expertise – Many students are slow off the mark because they don’t understand the “HSC”. Terms such as ‘scaling’, ‘assessments’ or ‘ranks’ can often be confusing but are vital to help you maximise your potential your HSC. Make sure you ask for help if you are unclear about any of these terms.

We are here to support you in any way possible, so make sure to ask us for help if you have any queries!