Term 2 has kicked off and it is increasingly important to prepare yourself for the next step of the Mt HSC climb as you look towards your final set of assessments and start to prepare for Term 3’s Trial Exams. It is now that the students with the better organisational skills will take the lead of the pack and push further and stronger up the mountain.

Just like athletes use apps to monitor their performance and set goals for improvement, you can think of your progress up Mt HSC that requires you to set goals and improve; this is done by practising and pushing yourself upwards through Basecamp.

On top of this, ensuring that you are present for all your sessions, including coming in on weekends will ensure that you are prepping yourself as much as possible. Listing your agendas and pushing yourself to complete these tasks in each session, gives you excellent time management and continues to help with your vision of an awesome HSC result.

The coaches have the expertise to support you and are here to help with any questions or concerns that you have. We are committed to working with you to get you to where you want to go.