The Only Certainty Is Risk

Mar 10, 2023

To really get results we need to do something different than what we’re used to doing. This holds true especially when it comes to preparing for exams. Learning how to get out of our own comfort zone can reap huge rewards! Many students practice the same method of exam preparation – write notes and highlight text books. Unfortunately this is not enough to get your ready for unseen questions under exam conditions so it might be time to push your comfort zone with your exam preparation!

In this blog post I’ll discuss some powerful tips and tricks that will help take your studying game from stale to stellar. 


Recognise the need to do things differently to see different results

Preparing for an exam is already daunting, so it’s easy to think that sticking to the same preparation routine of writing/memorising notes and highlighting is the key to success. However, this is not necessarily always true. If you want to improve your results, it is important to recognise that you will need to approach your exam prep with a new mindset and do things differently. This may be difficult, especially if getting out of your comfort zone isn’t something you’re used to – but can have a huge impact on the results you achieve.

Identify opportunities to break out of your routine and get creative

Finding new and creative ways to study for an exam can help break you out of the same old routine. Doing things differently can open up exciting opportunities that could make a huge difference in how well you understand and retain information during the exam. Consider exploring how different preparation techniques such as testing your foundational understanding with mindmaps under exam conditions, completing practice exams and getting feedback on your work, or simulating the exam environment from home may affect your outcome. Digging deep into how each option would work for you and understanding why it would be an improvement are important steps to finding the right solution for how to prepare for an exam with creativity.

Explore new study techniques such as flashcards, mindmaps, or teaching a parent/friend

Exam preparation can be a daunting task, but by exploring new study techniques and methods, you may find that it can be easier. Consider trying out study techniques such as flashcards, mindmaps, or hard-wiring foundational content by explaining a topic/text to a parent or friend. At CoWorks we call this “Teach a Coach” and it is a powerful technique in exploring how much a student does or doesn’t know about a topic. By getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new, you are more likely to experience different results.


Seek out a study partner who can help you stay motivated and on track with your studies

It can be so easy to get stuck in the same tiresome routine when it comes to preparing for exams. To improve your chances of success, take the opportunity to seek out a study partner who can help you stay motivated and on track with your studies. Having someone reliable and knowledgeable by your side can provide the support, accountability and encouragement necessary to help you push yourself out of your comfort zone and adopt smarter studying strategies that might just see different results! At HSC CoWorks Year 11 & 12 students work in a collaborative and energetic environment and benefit from working around other students who are pushing their comfort zone and striving to achieve their HSC goals.


Lastly, be sure to reward yourself for your efforts! It is important to remember to take time and reward yourself for pushing out of your comfort zone. Celebrate the small successes – even if it’s just doing something differently than you are used to – as these all add up.