Increase Focus, Minimise Distractions

Mar 10, 2023

If you’re a teenager, getting the focus and motivation to study for the HSC can be tough. With so many distractions in your life, like Tik Tok, phones, gaming – it’s not easy staying focused.

So how do you stay on top of your HSC studies? Here are some tips to help:


1) Set short-term goals

Break down big tasks into smaller ones that you can easily accomplish. This will keep you motivated and make studying more manageable. By having smaller goals and making incremental progress you will also maintain momentum and avoid feeling overwhelmed before an assessment or exam.

2) Avoid multitasking

It’s tempting to check social media while studying but try to avoid this as it only slows down progress. Taking regular breaks is fine but try to only give yourself 10 minutes at a time. Studies have shown that it takes 20 minutes to regain your focus after being interrupted by your phone! We recommend leaving your phone in a different room so you are not tempted by buzzing notifications! At CoWorks, students hand in their phones at the front desk so they can maximise their output during the session.

3) Establish boundaries

Let your family and friends know what you’re trying to achieve by setting study goals. They can help you stay focused when studying and provide the motivation and accountability to keep you working through the tasks you need to. Your phone will be there later and how great will it feel catching up on everything after you have put in a solid study session!


4) Get enough sleep

Make sure that you’re getting at least 8-9 hours of sleep each night so you have the energy and concentration to focus on studying for the HSC. When you have low energy and low motivation it is inevitable you will look for any distraction (consciously or not) to take you away from your study.


5) Create a vision board

These are a great tool for staying motivated and engaged with your goals, as it allows you to visualise your successes and focus on the benefits of achieving what you set out to do. Once you have created your vision board, the next step is to stay motivated by engaging with it on a regular basis (at CoWorks, Student Key Behaviour #1 = Engage your Vision!). Take time out of each day to look at it and reflect on why these dreams are important to you. This will help keep them fresh in your mind and motivate you to stay focused on your study rather than constantly checking your phone.


Don’t forget that any progress is good progress – even if it’s just one step at a time! Good luck with your studies!

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