Is your child Procrastinating??
Easily Distracted???? 
Lacking focus?? 
For HSC students coming to the end of a long (!!) summer break, the transition from beach back to the books can be a slow one and frustrating for a parent to watch.
The fact that there are only 300 days left of their schooling and so many exciting opportunities on the horizon, this should be more than enough of a reason to hit the books and get ready for school in a few days, right?
For some yes, however for many others, taking instant gratification from the virtually unlimited possibilities in today’s world will win over struggling with an essay or reviewing last terms topics. We get it! No one WANTS to write another practice essay or test their knowledge with practice questions. It is the student who can understand the link between that practice essay and the exciting opportunities on the other side of the HSC who will persevere and succeed.
So, the most important step for anyone to overcome the attraction of instant gratification (Netflix, social media, sms, youtube, snap chat etc) is to be firm on the benefits of delaying that gratification. If there is any vagueness or uncertainty around what the benefits are of sacrificing the instant gratification the alluring digital device will win.
The Key Behaviour of regularly engaging your vision (goals/benefits etc) cannot be underestimated in it’s ability to provide the energy, self discipline and commitment to getting the job done.
Having worked with 1000’s of HSC students over the last 10 years, I know that the only reason someone would become distracted or procrastinate is if they are not engaged with their vision. 
What does engaging your vision mean? By having our goals and the benefits of achieving these goals in front of us every day in places such as the bathroom mirror, kitchen fridge, next to bed or on the wall in front of their desk, a student will literally be building the brain infrastructure associated with making the vision a reality. 
‘Engage Your Vision’ is our 1st of 6 Student Key Behaviours and it is placed at the top as it is the most important. Unless there is engagement with the vision, a student won’t follow through with the other 5 key behaviours and if the key behaviours aren’t followed, nothing else will work.