Tips and Tricks to Help Your Teen Get Ready for Their Exams

Mar 9, 2023

Exam preparation is stressful, especially for HSC students. As a parent, you want to make sure your teenager is getting the best help possible in order to succeed. But let’s face it; motivating teenagers can be tough and many don’t want to hear what their parents have to say! However if you do find the opportunity to share some tips and tricks with your teen it will go a long way in allowing them to take control of the process.

1. Set Realistic Goals

It is important for your teen to set realistic goals before they start studying. These goals should be clearly defined and achievable, such as finishing a certain chapter or practice test by a specific date. This will help keep them motivated and focused on their studies. A part of this process is also ensuring that they don’t overload themselves with too many tasks at once. Breaking up their study plans into smaller, manageable tasks will make it much easier for them to stay on track and focus on their studies without feeling overwhelmed.

2. Time Management Skills

Time management is key when it comes to exam preparation – supporting your teen to plan out their study schedule in advance is essential.

Firstly they need to break down the material they need to cover into manageable chunks – this could be done by day or week depending on how much time they have left until the exam date arrives. At CoWorks we use a Planning Pad to support students breakdown tasks by subject, to prioritise their tasks and to allocate time allocations to each task to ensure that they don’t focus for hours on one task. We also reference the “Eat your Frog” first concept which means to start with the task you least want to work on.

Secondly, encourage your teen to create a daily or weekly goal list of what needs to be accomplished – this could include studying certain chapters, attempting practice questions, or doing research needed for projects related to the course material. This will help keep them organized and ensure that all the necessary tasks are completed in time for the exam date! A little bit each day goes a long way! At CoWorks we call this “Training Daily” – whether it is quote memorisation for English, foundational content for Biology or practice questions for Maths, if you can do a little exam training everyday you will walk into that exam room much more confidently.

3. Focus On What You Can Control

It’s important for teens (and adults) alike not to get bogged down by things out of their control when studying for exams – such as other people’s actions or outside factors. Instead of worrying about things you can’t control, focus on what you can do to make sure you walk confidently into the exam room. Encourage your teen to take regular breaks from studying so they don’t get burned out and remain productive during study sessions – this could include going for a walk or taking part in another activity that relieves stress. Additionally, provide positive reinforcement whenever possible –  simple affirmations or a quick check-in will go a long way in encouraging your teen that they are on the right track and are supported.

In summary, motivating your teenager can be difficult but these tips should hopefully help make it easier. Setting realistic goals, practicing effective time management skills, and focusing on what they can control are all great ways to ensure success during exam preparation season. These strategies should give your teen more confidence when approaching exams and empower them with new skills that will serve them well beyond high school!