How to maximise your time between now and the final Year 11 exams

Aug 31, 2021

Now more than ever students need to prepare for their final year 11 exams with the 6 Key Behaviours in mind.

Engage your Vision
No student wants to re-work an English essay or complete another Maths past paper. However everyone wants the benefits of doing so! Remind yourself of your Why every single day.

Through regular planning and getting proactive around being prepared for what lies ahead students will take appropriate action well ahead of time. Use the HSC CoWorks Planning Pads to support you manage your time effectively.

Train Daily
At this stage students must train for the exam room every single day. Note… completing ‘notes’ and ‘homework’ does not qualify as ‘training’! Quote memorisation, flashcard training, syllabus mindmaps (use the HSC CoWorks Mindmap pad), past paper questions… these are all training activities which will support you to make huge progress in your exam preparation.

Push your Comfort Zone
Every 16/17 year old is aware of the fact that they need to consistently leave their comfort zone if they are going to achieve their goals. If your study feels a little too ‘comfortable/easy’, then it’s likely that you are not pushing your comfort zone and therefore will not make the progress you want and need to in order to reach your goals.

Now more than ever Grit plays a huge part in your final exam preparation. Whether you’re overcoming previous disappointing results, working on a subject you don’t love, or just trying to maintain motivation during a long Sydney lockdown.. Grit is what will keep you going!

Own it
There is only one person who can produce the vision that a student is seeking and that is the student themselves. The student who takes responsibility for creating a great result will always choose more effective study techniques over those that don’t.


“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan

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