Tips to get you ready for the exam room (Part 1)

Aug 10, 2021

Preparing for the exam room 

Being ready for the exam conditions requires a number of steps rather than simply walking into the exam room and miracuously performing at your highest level in your HSC Trial Exams or Final HSC Exams. 


The first step to move a student in the direction of attempting exam style questions is to build high degrees of confidence and certainty with the foundational content across their subjects. For students who want to perform at their highest level the objective is to know this foundational content such as their English quotes, syllabus points and other associated content as well as any other student at their school. 


With this foundational content hardwired through daily exam training (self testing) a student will have the confidence and resolve to attempt the more challenging tasks that they need to in order to simulate the exam room. 


Many students skip this step of developing high levels of confidence with their foundational content and then struggle to move into the tasks that simulate the exam room which leads to heightened anxiety in both the lead up to the exam and in the exam itself. 

Join Jesse and Fergus as they discuss the steps students need to undertake to be prepared for the exam room. 


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