From Term 2 you will need to submit an EBT online before you can submit an essay for marking. This will ensure that you have a fluent, concise and well-constructed essay. Zero marking credits required to submit an EBT so no excuses!

So why build an EBT before writing your essay..

  1. A well written EBT will prepare you to answer any question for that text!
  2. Follow a proven system for building great essays
  3. The EBT is your essay structure
  4. Assemble all of your information, ideas, quotes and techniques in the one place
  5. Build your essay with smaller and more manageable parts
  6. Create your ebt online whilst watching fergus deliver his ebt
  7. Make the process of essay writing much faster and stronger
  8. Submit your EBT to the markers to make sure you have the correct ingredients for a great essay

“Whatever the project, without planning the end result will never be more than just adequate”




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