The Sydney Morning Herald reported today on the increased incidence of schools adopting an optional homework policy for primary school students. These schools have an “Opt Out” policy allowing parents to make the decision on whether their child completes all of their homework or not, based on other family commitments and time constraints. This is based on research suggesting that there is little evidence that homework lifts academic performance for primary school students.

“A recent OECD report found that students in Australia’s private schools do two hours’ more homework each week than their public school peers but their results were are no better once socio-economic advantage was taken into consideration.” (Sydney Morning Herald, March 15 2015)

Currently there is no standardised guide provided by the NSW Department of Education as to how much homework students should receive in Primary school, instead allowing schools to decide their own policies.

At HSC CoWorks we do believe that homework has it’s place, in both primary and secondary school, and understand too well that the content delivery required by the Board of Studies is such that it cannot be completely covered during school hours. However we are also very clear with our students that they MUST make time for the important study tasks which are going to maximise their results come the HSC. These include;

  • Memorisation, concentrating on Stretch & Challenge (generating mindmaps, submitting¬†essay building templates for marking)
  • Submitting practice exam style questions for marking via our website
  • Submitting practice essays for marking via our website

It is very easy for students to become over burdened with homework and we regularly see students try to complete this in their weekly session at HSC CoWorks. We are quick to stop this. A student’s time at HSC CoWorks is best maximised being stretched and challenged, moved out of their comfort zone and focusing on the study techniques which are going to improve their end of year results.

Link to the full article here.