2014 marks our 18th year in business and what better way to celebrate turning 18 than getting a nice new renovation. Over the years Fergus has changed the business name a few times starting with Effective Learning in 1996 before we moved to Interactive Learning, to FergHSC, and finally HSC CoWorks. The global phenomenon of CoWorking encapsulates what we are all about, independent action in a shared space working towards great results. We have added our own twist by adding fantastic HSC coaches, teachers and tutors to the mix to support our students as they climb Mount HSC. 

2014-01-13 19.06.23

Getting our students ready for the boardroom

We are pleased to announce that our Bondi Junction HSC tuition centre is now renovated and open for business. There are still a few finishing touches to add but so far we are delighted with how it looks and more importantly we are certain that our students are going to LOVE it.

We have a number of “Q & A” sessions coming up for parents of existing students as well as parents who are interested to come in and find out how we generate great HSC results and why our students love HSC CoWorks.

Lots and lots of whiteboard paint

Lots and lots of whiteboard paint

We will add some more photos soon but I just wanted to get a few up to show you.

Bondi HSC CoWorks

With all this yellow it’s hard not to be happy!

HSC CoWorks provides premium HSC tuition and coaching services in conjunction with an interactive online tuition platform, which allows students to be fully supported 24/7. For information on how we can assist you to reach HSC Success, contact us now on 1300 967 890 or make an online enquiry here.