From December 2013 our Bondi Junction tuition centre will be getting a renovation to match our extremely popular with the students Mosman tuition centre.

The metres and metres of idea paint(whiteboard paint) on the walls of Mosman have been a huge hit with our students, many using the whiteboards to build their own Mind Maps and notes and really engaging the thinking part of their brain, the Pre Frontal Cortex.


Maths tutor Steve, HSC maths tuition, HSC CoWorks Mosman, North Shore, Sydney

Writing on our whiteboard walls has proven to be very popular

We are going to try and get two strips of the whiteboard paint up in Bondi Junction in the next few weeks so our Bondi students can start using this before the renovation is complete.

By the time our Bondi Junction students return from their summer break they will enter a space that looks more like a Google or Macquarie Bank work environment. A stimulating learning environment, HSC CoWorks Mosman has shown, increases engagement and self directed learning.

Bondi Junction tuition centre

View from inside the main study/work space. There are whiteboards in each of the booths and in the the two end rooms.

Bondi Junction tuition, HSC Coaching Sydney

Birds eye view of the renovated Bondi Junction tuition centre

3d Floor Plan_Revision1_View 2