How you can best prepare for the start of Year 12

Sep 19, 2022

In addition to overcoming any weaknesses identified in your Year 11 Prelim Exams, the period between now and commencing year 12 is a valuable opportunity to plan and prepare for the coursework to come.

Below are some specific tasks that you can be working on between now and Term 4 to ensure that you hit the ground running in Year 12!

1. Syllabus mind maps

The purpose of looking ahead and building mind maps is to build certainty and awareness of the topics and ideas that will be covered in the coming months. Get curious with the content and google terms and points which you are not familiar with. The more certainty you have with the content within each of your subjects to come the better. All syllabus documents are available on the NESA website.

3. english

Make a start on understanding the Common Module ‘Texts and Human Experience’ by doing your own research on google. You can also make a start on Reading Task Comprehension by reviewing past paper questions and even attempting your own responses to those questions. 

2. Past HSC exam review

Going through past HSC exams and marking guidelines will support students understand what they are ultimately building towards with their Trial and final HSC exams. Look through sample answers in the marking guidelines and see what the markers said about each exam in the marker comments. All past HSC exams are available on the NESA website.

4. maths

All Year 11 Maths topics are still assessable in Year 12 so it is critical that you overcome all weaknesses and gaps in understanding to lay strong foundations for the year 12 coursework. Completing as many practice questions as possible will help you identify the specific questions and topics that need attention.

5. Continue working on Year 11 exam style questions

For subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Business Studies, Economics, Geography (and other content based subjects) the Year 11 Preliminary course lays the foundations for the coursework covered in Year 12. Continuing to train with these Year 11 topics to improve understanding and articulating of arguments and responses will only benefit students as they move into their Year 12 coursework.

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