Over the weekend I watched this very exciting documentary about young people (teenagers and early 20 year olds) building multimillion dollar internet based companies such as Sound Cloud, Vimeo and Dropbox. I was given a real taste of what it’s like to be part of a dedicated team building something out of nothing.

These “kids” aren’t really working, they are passionate and excited about what they can create.

The films central premise is that due to the minimal costs needed to start a web based business young people are in a fantastic position to build businesses while they don’t have the risk averse limitations of a mortgage and a family to feed.

“Start Up Kids” also offers the perspective of what the Venture Capital professionals were looking for when investing in a “Start up”. These are the guys and girls you want to impress with your idea so it can go to a whole new and massive level).

At HSC CoWorks our coaches continually stretch and challenge our students, not just providing HSC Tuition, but preparing students for success after the HSC. We actively encourage students to look ahead not just to University but also to their dream career, whether that be within a leading Company or creating their own business. Having this type of long term vision is not only encouraging but is one of the most successful tools our students can use in order to push themselves out of their comfort zone towards a great HSC result.

Overall message: Get a great HSC result (and learn how to work hard) and believe that you can make a dent in the universe by creating something out of nothing. What have you got to lose?