This Weekend’s Support Session Coaches:


Weekend Support Sessions


Subject Specialties

  Friday 14th November: Bondi (4pm – 7pm)  Sam, Mash, Joe All levels of Maths, All levels of English, Economics, Chemistry, Biology & Religion
  Friday 14th November: Mosman (4pm – 7pm)  Rachel, Angel, Isobel All levels of Maths, Chemistry, English, Modern & Ancient History, Economics, Physics, PDHPE, Religion
  Saturday 15th November: Bondi (1pm – 4pm)  Emma, Quan English Extension, Maths Extension, History, Drama, French, Physics & Legal Studies
  Sunday 16th November: Bondi (10am – 1pm)  Joe, Emma, Sam Chemistry, History Extension, Legal Studies, Drama, Latin and all levels of English, Biology
  Sunday 16th November: Bondi (1:15pm – 4:15pm)  Mash, Nechama, Sam English Extension, 4 unit Maths, Chemistry, Modern History, Biology, Visual Arts & Economics
  Sunday 16th November: Mosman (10am – 1pm)  Fiona, Ethan, Angel, Isobel All levels of Maths, English Extension 1, Ancient & Modern History, Chemistry, PDHPE


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Weekend support sessions