I don’t think that there is anyone who would disagree with the fact that we live in times of enormous change and as an HSC coaching and HSC tuition centre we are at the forefront of this change as we prepare our students for the new economy that we live in.

We believe that a successful 21st Century operator, a person who will not only survive but also thrive in todays world, will need to be dynamic, innovative, a do-er, be self directed , adaptive, passionate, and comfortable with an ever changing world. We can now see that the days of getting a university degree to ensure a secure and successful life are long gone.

A University degree is now seen to be a means of opening the door to the next stage. In order to get through the first door and to keep the door open we need to be able to demonstrate the skills of a successful 21st operator.

People who don’t keep pace with the rate of change are at risk of being marginalised in a society with enormous opportunity.

Preparing students to be successful 21st Century Operators is what we do and this is why we have our team trained by the NeuroLeadership Group.

We love this Sir Kenneth Robinson video which provides some insights into the problem with an education system that was built for an industrial model which no longer exists.