Sep 2, 2022

While we are getting closer and closer to the end of this HSC year, HSC 2022 students are also getting closer to their next exciting adventure, University. Last weekend Sarah and I took the kids to Canberra to catch up with our virtual coaches, watch a game of football and explore our capital city including the very impressive Australian National University (ANU).

In recent years ANU has become a very popular choice among our graduates compared to 3 – 4 years ago where it was extremely rare for a Sydney student moving to Canberra. One of the big appeals of making the move to Canberra is that it provides an away from home university experience but it’s only 3.5 hrs drive from Sydney to make it back for social events in Sydney.

Being in a new city for the sole purpose of studying, meeting people from all over Australia and developing independence makes complete sense to me and if I had my time again I would certainly be considering ANU as an option. The city itself has amazing infrastructure and facilities and the electric scooters available for rent give it a futuristic and fun flavour.

For those interested, ANU Open Day is tomorrow, Saturday 3rd September and if you do go, check out the strip of restaurants and shops in Braddon (Lonsdale Street) which is only a 5 minutes scooter from the Uni offering lots of good options for going out and catching up outside of the campus.

If you can’t make it to ANU Open Day feel free to join one of our Virtual Sessions or join the Live Q&A to speak with our team about their experience at ANU. Coaches Garrett, Liam, Sophie, Zac, Greta, Emily, Annabelle and Rebecca are all down there and would love to speak to you about their move to Canberra.