While it is important that students have a break from their studies and recharge the batteries, it would be remiss of us not to point out the opportunity that lies ahead. 2 weeks of no school, no sport, and many many hours of free time to prepare for the term ahead.

For a few schools there will be exams straight after the holidays so it is imperative for these students to keep on top of their studies and train daily.  For the students with no exams straight after the holidays this is still no reason for them to hang up their hats for the entire break, instead they can be chipping away at assessments and tasks that are due in the weeks after school goes back and ironing out any knowledge gaps from term 1 work.

So what can your child be working on over the holidays?

  • Have a break! Rest and recoup from a busy 11 week term 1. Regain your energy ahead of a busy 9 week term 2 (that’s right, same amount of content to cover in a shorter amount of time).
  • Attend all CoWorks Sessions
  • Review Term 1 exam/assessments and review where the knowledge gaps are.
  • Look ahead to Term 2 modules and prepare ahead. Starting the term with an understanding of what is coming up and what will be expected of you is critical in increasing your confidence and also in giving your brain the certainty it craves.
  • Plan each day of study using your HSC CoWorks planning pad (take one home from the office if you haven’t already). Year 12 students should be aiming for 4-6hours of productive study 5 days a week. Year 11 students should aim for 3hrs of productive study 5 days a week.
  • Train your brain daily with the content you will need to actively and quickly recall content in the exam room (mindmaps, challenge feed, quote memorisation etc)
  • Practice practice practice. Essay submissions, MCQs, SAQs and simulate the exam room from home.
Think your child might need some extra accountability around completing the above tasks over the holidays?

All Year 11 & 12 students are invited to book a place at the Week 1 or 2 Study Bootcamps – click here for more information.