Top 10 Tips For Studying

Feb 27, 2014


We’ve had a productive week at HSC CoWorks getting our students set up on our online project management system, Basecamp.

We are getting a lot of feedback from the students that although they seem to be spending enough time ‘studying’ they get easily distracted, feel overwhelmed or are not studying  for the HSC efficiently in the time they have, so we’ve complied a brain friendly list to maximise thinking and productivity.



1. Prioritize your time.

2. Eliminate distractions – don’t just turn off your phone but put it away as well as close unnecessary programs on your computer.

3. Give your full attention and focus to the task at hand – multi tasking is a huge brain drain!

4. Do study in chunks of 45 minutes – to an hour max, before having a brain break.

5. Do the important/challenging tasks first.

6. If you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious – talk about it with a parent, tutor, friend.

7. Vary the task you choose depending on how you are feeling.  If feeling a little tired after a hard day choose tasks such as reading and mind map recalls rather than do nothing.  When feeling alert and energized choose high function thinking tasks.

8. Keep your notes well organised, tidy and filed in a simple but ordered way.  This helps the brain remember and recall information.  Colours and highlighters can also be helpful for your brain to remember and we definitely encourage mind maps.

9. Don’t rely on adrenalin (stress), stimulants (caffeine) or sugar – they are brain drains.

10. Go for a walk or do some exercise ideally around nature – walking in a park or down to the ocean.

Put the STING into your HSC study campaign

S – Select one specific task at a time

T – Set your allocated time for the task

IIgnore everything else

NNo Breaks while doing the task

GGive yourself a reward for completing the task – eg ticking off your to-do list.

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