A few months back I was shown the Holister Manifesto which is a guide to how to live a better life(as well as being a clever branding exercise) and I wrote an HSC Manifesto but never got around to publishing it.

Our Mosman HSC tuition centre is based on these principles and our students are always why they are doing the HSC and how it will change their lives. Yes it is about getting into your dream university course but it is also about learning to take responsibility for your life and and the outcomes you create.

So here is our attempt at an HSC manifesto.

This is your HSC

It’s not about the study

It’s all about the life opportunities you are creating

You’re not the only one struggling with the workload

1000’s of students just like you have triumphed and won in the battle between the HSC and student

Be brave and say yes to standing up to the HSC challenge

If you’re not making mistakes you’re not growing

So make lots of mistakes, often

There will be lots of ups and plenty of downs

You will get some great results and some not so great results

Persistence and perseverance are more important than any other thing in life and the HSC

You will never regret the study you did do

You will most likely regret the study you didn’t do

Exercise regularly

Steer clear from negative people

Tidy your room AFTER you have finished studying

Take the hard road, avoid the easy road

Throw away your highlighters

Write lots and lots of practice essays

Put yourself under the pump and work under exam conditions 

How did you go? 

Thank your parents for everything they have done for you and tell them you love them

Take a year off reality TV, it will be there next year

Write your HSC goals down and look at them every day

Make your HSC count

Enjoy the journey

Our Mosman HSC tuition centre is located in Gurrigal Street Mosman. We are currently accepting enrollments for the HSC of 2013 and the HSC of 2014.

The Holister Manifesto

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