Face to face coaching program

Over 23 years of experience supporting Year 11 and 12 students in our in Bondi Junction, Chatswood, Dee Why and Mosman

We coach Year 11 & 12 students across all aspects of their HSC ensuring that they remain motivated, confident and on track to achieve their dream ATAR.

Your child will train with us for up to 8hrs per week in our Bondi Junction, Chatswood, Dee Why or Mosman campus, as well as be supported 24/7 via our online platform and app.

  • Your child will receive support with their Essay Writing, Exam Performance, Study Technique as well as individual Subject Specific Challenges which they are having.
  • Our expert team will relate to your child’s individual HSC challenges and ensure that they are making weekly progress towards their HSC goals.
  • We focus on critical thinking skills which will support success both in the exam room and well beyond the HSC.
  • We build skills of self motivation, collaboration and resilience. Skills which will
  • We provide a personalised service and lots of WOW moments for students AND parents.

Thank you to the entire HSC CoWorks staff. I would never have achieved the result I did without the support I received and I can honestly say I really really enjoyed my time at CoWorks and would 100% recommend it to any future HSC student.

Student (HSC 2018)


  • Increased levels of motivation and confidence
  • To be kept accountable working on the most important tasks
  • Individual support across their subjects
  • Regular planning and support with their time management
  • Expert feedback from our team of experienced HSC Markers, within 72 hours of submission
  • Access to tools, resources and 1000s of exam style tasks


  • Students attend 2 sessions per week. A 2 hour weekday session (Monday-Wednesday) and a 3hr weekend session (Friday-Sunday). They also have access to a bonus 3hour session on Sunday evening.
  • School holiday mock exams and bootcamps.
  • Students also have 24/7 access to our online platform and App so that they can stay supported outside of their sessions with Video lessons & subject resources; Access to HSC markers; 1000s of practice quizzes across 15 different subjects; Planning, essay writing and study training tools
  • Stay connected via our online community of HSC Coaches, Markers, Teachers and Students, all with one goal in mind – achieving their dream ATAR!

HSC CoWorks team

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1-on-1 coaching

chatswood campus

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online platform so you are supported 24/7

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Come meet the team and find out how HSC CoWorks will prepare your child for their HSC! During this 1 hour consultation we will share our strategies for HSC success and also gift your child with FREE resources to support them with their time management and exam training.

To all the coaches, a HUGE thank you!!!

I would not have been able to work as hard as I did and improve my marks without your help and support. Walking into the session to smiling and energetic coaches made tackling all those assessments so much easier and more enjoyable.


I just wanted to say a big shout out to the wonderful coaches and the program you have in place. I think we would have all gone quite mad without the routine and support throughout last year! We are DELIGHTED with how well Ali did and especially as she came from so far away and got higher than the mark she had been aiming for!


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The HSC is about much more than an ATAR

Whilst the HSC examinations could be seen by some to be an ‘unfair’ testing system or an obstacle getting in the way of the ‘excitement’ of your last year of school, we see it as a fantastic opportunity to develop the skills which you will need for the next stage of your life. Whether that be University, an Apprenticeship, GAP year, building your own business etc.. 

Are distractions getting in the way of your HSC Success?

The most important step for anyone to overcome the attraction of instant gratification (Netflix, social media, sms, youtube, snap chat etc) is to be firm on the benefits of delaying that gratification. If there is any vagueness or uncertainty around what the benefits are of sacrificing the instant gratification the alluring digital device will win.

Demystifying the HSC for Parents

My teacher is no good. I can’t write essays. I have too much homework. You don’t understand how hard this is.

If this is sounding all too familiar to you, then it’s likely you have a child sitting the HSC in the next 2 years. Don’t worry… you are not alone.


Our HSC Specialists are ready to take any question you have about the HSC process and how your child can take control of their Year 11 and 12 to achieve the results which they deserve.

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