HSC CoWorks Enrolment - Virtual Marking

Preferred 2 hour Weekday Session

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Please review the terms and conditions for enrolment here. Read HSC CoWorks Privacy Policy here.

Click next to proceed to the online direct debit form which is used to charge your monthly fees (on the 1st of each month). If starting part way through a month a pro-rata fee applies for the 1st month. By clicking next you will be re-directed to our external payment service provider (Westpac) to complete your payment details. Westpac processes each monthly payment on behalf of HSC CoWorks using the credit or debit cards which you provide. If using an AMEX card please note that a 2.5% surcharge applies. Visa/Mastercard and Direct Debit do not incur a surcharge. You can view Westpac’s Privacy Policy here.