It’s easy to confuse just showing up with making progress because you showed up so something must be happening.  That’s better than not being here right?

Well yes, showing up is better than not even showing up at all… but barely.  If there is no tangible output the opportunity to create, collaborate, challenge, improve and fail at something has been missed. As we all know, with no struggle, there can be no progress.

This could be applied to anything in life. However, in the case of achieving a great HSC result, just showing up to move some paper around, copy down some words from the textbook to a word doc (aka ‘notes’), highlighting, messaging friends, googling something and not much more is very well intentioned but it’s not going to improve performance. 

If you want to improve performance, your output needs to increase and if you want to improve your performance you must keep yourself accountable to your output. 

Producing output requires thinking, planning, making mistakes, learning from mistakes, trying again, taking on feedback, finding new challenges, failing, deep thinking, immersing and trying again. 

Just showing up represents the path of least resistance which sadly leads to nowhere worth going. 

Producing output is the path of growth which leads to places worth going. 

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