It goes without saying that students will be tired from a big term, a big year and all the 18th celebrations, sporting events, job commitments etc but remember you are going to have a HUGE rest once the HSC is finally over. How good will Schoolies be knowing that you didn’t take it easy in the final stages? What if you could boost your ATAR by one, two or three points because you put in the extra hours while others took the easy road? How good will walking out of the exam room for the very last time be with zero regrets around your effort in the final stages.

Having helped 1000’s of past students to conquer their own HSC, I can promise you that every extra bit of effort you put into these final weeks will be worth it. No one ever regretted going the extra distance.

With this in mind, you obviously need stay motivated and energized to put in the hours of training for the exam room so to save you looking for inspiration online here are my favourite YouTube clips to get into the zone when I am working towards a big deadline.

This is an exercise in fueling your energy tank so you can get the job done. As I say to my students, what happens to a car when it runs out of it’s energy source? It stops. What happens to the HSC student who runs out of their energy source? They stop. Keep your tank full so you don’t stop.

Dear Hard Work



The Greatest – Ali

Change the World by Making Your Bed

The clock is ticking so once you have filled the tank (maximum 10 minutes of viewing) it’s time to start training.

Good luck and keep working!

Jesse Gardiner

Head Coach