University Information Night

Our annual University Night was last Thursday in our Bondi Junction campus and it was a blast. The night started off with a few speeches from individual coaches – The reality of a Gap Year; Alternate pathways into university as well as pathways once you are in; Involvement in colleges and societies; How to choose your course etc.

After the individual presentations, students had the opportunity to visit our “Degree” stations, where they could ask our Coaches about the degrees they are currently studying, clubs and societies they are involved in, as well as how to manage a double degree.

We are excited to be holding another university night after the trials in Mosman in August! (Date to be confirmed)
Cameron W
Transcript of my speech from the evening on Alternate Entries into Universities…
Hi Everyone, 

For those of you who don’t know me I am Cam and I will be informing you guys about Alternate entries into universities as well as scholarships.

There are two main alternate entry pathways disadvantage entries and ability entries. There are also some others that I will touch on but if anyone has any questions or specific enquires please come and chat to me throughout the night. 

Disadvantage Entries

Education Access Scheme

This is for any school leaver who has experienced disadvantage during their senior studies. There are multiple different types of disadvantage considered and some common examples are financial, emotional (such as the loss of someone close), disability, ect. 

For this you will need to apply through UAC with an application and evidence of your disadvantage.

This may get you entrance into your chosen course with a lower minimum ATAR based on UAC and the Uni allocations for each case.

Some universities have a separate scheme for low socioeconomic level students. This can either be a whole school with students then automatical accepted or an individual which will need to go through the EAS scheme. An example of this is the E12 scheme by USYD. If you have any questions about this please just ask me.

A lot of universities also have an Aboriginal or a Torres Strait Islander scheme where if a student identifies as either an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander they can get a lower minimum ATAR for their chosen course, again please ask if you have any questions.

Ability Entries

Some universities offer a future leaders scheme aims at those whole lead through out their senior years. Some universities make this only the school captains and Dux’s such as Sydney. The application for this is either a nomination by your high school with supporting evidence or an applications, this varies for uni to uni. Achieving this will result in potentially a lower minimum ATAR for your course.

Athlete scheme

If you have performed at the State or National level in your final year of high school you may be eligible for a lower minimum ATAR based off your training. Some universities will ask for evidence on why the training has affect your studies so please look into this for each uni.

Finally we have transferring and bridging courses.

A bridging course is where you gain the necessary knowledge for a course that you want to do so that you ‘bridge’ your knowledge and are able to complete the course you want. A great example of this is getting into engineering a lot of students choose to do one to make sure that their math skills are up to par. These bridging courses are used when a course has a prerequisite that you have not studied.

Transferring is extremely common weather it is transferring course or even transferring uni, we have here tonight a couple coaches who have transferred whole universities. To transfer into a course you WAM is considered (this is your average mark over your uni course) and compared to your ATAR, which ever one is higher is considered. This allows students who didn’t get the ATAR to get into courses that required a high atar. For example if you want to do commerce at USYD and it is 95 entrance but you get 90, if you WAM is high enough over the first year you can transfer into Commerce.

Since scholarships are a bit more personal I am more than happy to answer any of those during the night.

I hope this has helped and again if you have any questions please feel free to ask me through out the night. Thank you.