Using the last 24 hours before an exam effectively



Pack your bag

Don’t leave it until the morning! Make sure that you have everything you need the day before your exam, so that you have time to pick anything up that you may have forgotten. Also take the time to ensure that everything you have adheres to exam specifications.

Recharge your brain

It’s a well known fact that your brain needs 8 hours sleep a night to function, and that is more vital now than ever before! Make sure you get a good night’s sleep, so you will be well-rested and alert in the exam room. Ensure you eat foods and consume drinks which are supportive of sleep. So no caffeine!

Give yourself time

Set an alarm that gives you ample time to prepare in the morning, so that you aren’t rushing around before the exam. Aim to get to the exam at least half an hour before it starts, just incase.


Take some time to wind down — read a book, meditate or listen to music.

Ban Your Tech!

Once you climb into bed, avoid all of your screens. Yes, even your phone! The light that they emit makes it harder for you to sleep effectively. Avoid watching a movie on your laptop or scrolling Instagram tonight, and your brain will thank you for it tomorrow.


No Snoozing!
Avoid the temptation to sleep in, with the extra time you allowed. Get up and start the day right.

Revisit your notes

Take some time to read over your notes, flash cards, practice exams and formula. Just remember — no new information, only go over that which you have already learned.

Have a good breakfast

Feed your brain, so that it can perform to the best of its ability — after all, our brains burn around 30% of our total energy. Good food ensures you have enough mental energy for your test. Research brain foods and add a few to your breakfast — nuts, berries, greens and eggs are just a few brilliant options.

Positive thoughts

Focus on your end goal, and try to remain in a positive and confident mindset, knowing that you’ve done everything you can to prepare for this moment. Engage your vision and keep your end goals in the front of your mind.

Avoid pre-exam chatter

While it can be tempting to head straight for your group of friends and chat about the upcoming exam, try to avoid it, as much as you can. Talking about the exam could worsen any anxiety you have, or interfere with your revision.




It’s totally normal to be stressed before an exam — all it means is that you care deeply about the outcome, which is a great thing! Take a moment to try and relax, and practice your favourite stress management techniques.

Check your exam conditions

As you sit down, make sure you’re comfortable in your seat. Is your table or chair wobbling? Is there intense sunlight shining on your paper, or, on the contrary, do you have enough light to see your work? If anything is wrong, alert a supervisor and fix the problem before the test commences.

Believe in yourself

Do your best, and know that that is all that you can do. Believe that all of your preparation will pay off, and you have the skills and information needed for the task ahead. A positive mindset is crucial.

Just do it!

This is the moment everything has been building up to! Make sure you read the question properly, allocate your time effectively to each section and show off all of your hard work — we know you can do it.