HSC Vision

Would you say you have a strong, watertight, 10/10, unwavering Vision for what you want to achieve after the HSC? Do you see it clearly? Do you write it down daily? Do you focus on it when the going gets tough and you feel like you just want to give up?

Yes? Great! Keep going! But keep on reading, you might learn something which can support you further with your Vision.

No clue? Don’t worry. You and most of the students in NSW are in the same boat here.

Whether you study hours on end or think you could probably do more, what is crucial for you to understand is that with no Vision you are much less likely to succeed and achieve the ATAR you want and deserve.

Your Vision is your Goal and your goal can be anything. An ATAR number, a University Course, a plan to travel, an alternative post-school career, a sense of achievement and self-belief. Anything. But what it must be is strong. You must want it bad.

If you don’t know exactly what you want to do after school, don’t worry, you can still have a Vision. Do you want to have attributes such as being a hard worker, resilient, independent? Do you want to feel like you gave the HSC your all and finished with zero regrets?

Once you have your Vision you must take the responsibility for engaging with it every single day. This will ensure that you remain energised, committed and motivated to complete the work that will steer you on the path to success.




How do you engage with your Vision? Say it out loud, write it down, create a vision board, get a tattoo (ha just kidding!). However you do it, in order to stay motivated during a year of ups and downs, it is crucial that your goals and the associated benefits are planted firmly in the front of your mind.