There are many variables which contribute to a successful HSC campaign however the biggest determinant

How a student positions the HSC in their mind will be have a large impact on how they cope with the inevitable set backs and challenges along the journey. The HSC can either be positioned as an exciting challenge with lots of benefits to conquering Mount HSC or an annoyance that is getting in the way of being a teenager.

At HSC CoWorks we understand the importance of the appropriate mindset in getting our students to the top of their Mount HSC. Just like in a real mountain climbing expedition, a negative mindset (for example, “It’s too hard”, “It’s not fair”, “I can’t do this”) on Mount HSC will rob a student of the energy and focus they need to complete the actual climbing. With a “I can do this” attitude a student is able to activate the parts of the brain they need to solve complex problems and execute on their important tasks.

At HSC CoWorks we have a set strategies to ensure students remain focused on the benefits of getting to the peak of Mount HSC but also get back on track with their HSC goals and are re-energised towards doing the work required whenever they slip into a less supportive mindset.

One strategy we implement at HSC CoWorks is to eliminate mobile phones from the learning space with students surrendering their mobile phones at the start of each session.  Constant distraction from social media, SMS texting is at odds with the focus and discipline required to conquer the Mountain.

HSC CoWorks now operates out of our three offices across Sydney in Bondi Junction, Lindfield and Mosman. Choose the office closest to you by clicking one of  the below images.

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