In the final three weeks of preparation towards HSC 2015 we have put together our five daily recommended tasks/behaviours for students to complete every day as well as a list of tasks to complete to keep students on track through this period. 

Daily task #1: Spend some time focusing on your HSC Vision as this is your energy source to remain motivated to keep climbing to the top of this mountain! Before you start every study session write out your vision to prime yourself for a better session. If we forget about all the awesome things that await us at the top of Mount HSC, we will struggle to have the energy to keep climbing.

Daily task #2: Complete at least 6 hours quality study per day (quality study means past papers, testing yourself, improving your essays, simulating the exam room as best as possible). One day off study per week across these three weeks will allow you to refresh and re-energise as long as you have completed 6 hours per day across the other 6 days.

Daily task #3: When creating your daily to do list make sure you are highly specific around what tasks you intend to complete and how long you have to complete them each day.

Below is an example of a day of highly specific tasks:

• 9:00am to 10am – Modern History essay for Germany from HSC 2012 questions under exam conditions
• 10am to 11am – Discovery Essay to question x under exam conditions
• 11am to 11:20am – 20 minutes of BIO online Multiple choice on Board of Studies website
• 11:20am to 12pm – BREAK.
• 12pm to 1pm Maths: Questions 9 & 10 from HSC 2012 paper
• 1pm to 2pm – Modern History – Fix up and Resubmit my Conflict in Europe essay
• 2pm to 2:30pm – Break
• 2:30pm to 3:30pm – Maths: Questions 9 & 10 from HSC 2011 Paper
• 3:30pm to 4:30pm – English Complete Mod A question under exam conditions
• 4:30pm to 5:30pm – Type up essays completed today and submit for marking

Daily task #4: Keep Basecamp updated and tick off the to do items as you go. By doing this you will be able to manage the tasks you need to complete as well as keeping your support crew updated and in the loop. The more updated your support team, the more we can support you.

Daily task #5: Complete at least 30 minutes exercise. Exercise promotes short term memory retention as well supporting you to remain in a positive state of mind and remaining focused towards your goals.

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