Have you ever wondered why you never seem to get as much work done as you want to? Countless studies have tried to solve this question, however, one in particular, a study from Brigham Young University has come up with surprising results. Even though the conventional belief is that when you have a plan of action you complete work efficiently, this study has found that a specific plan makes your chances of doing the work still only 50%!!!

So what makes you most likely to complete work? The results suggest that to have a 95% probability of completing work, you need to set a specific time to share your progress with another person. Conveniently summarized, the results of the study are:

Screenshot 2015-08-04 11.04.02

So, now knowing this information, what are you going to change in your study pattern to make sure that you get more work completed?

Remember the coaches will gladly keep you accountable to your actions if you ask them ? But it has to be your initiative for it to work!

Michaela, Senior Coach