The school experience for Year 12 students is nearly complete. This is the time when students leave a world that they have been part of for almost all of their conscious memory. It is certainly a time for celebration, a time to think about what you have learnt. We suggest that all students set aside a few days [note the word few] to celebrate this momentous occasion then, I guess that you knew that this was coming, it’s the final assault for the HSC.

We have now SOLD OUT of all places on our HSC 2014 Tuition Program and all places at the 2014 final Study Bootcamp. However we want to wish every single HSC 2014 student the very best in these last few weeks and offer the following final study tips:

1. Create a pre study ritual

Spend 2-5 minutes before you start studying remembering what your Vision is?  Why are you studying?  Perhaps looking at your vision board or a positive mantra/saying.  What about putting on a piece of music super LOUD and get in the right head space.

2. Prep the night before

At the end of each day work out what and when you will be studying the following day.  This means when you sit down you know exactly what you need to be doing and can just get started instead of wasting valuable brain resources thinking about what you are going to do that day.

3. Get creative about where you study

Can you find a different or perhaps less comfortable place to study?  Instead of studying at your desk in room surrounded by lots of distractions and comforts, find another less distracting room to study in.  What about moving outside to a shady area and setting up for a day of study or heading off to a different library. Being creative about where you study can change your flow and make you feel more inspired to start working.

4. Set an alarm

Timing yourself can be a great motivator.  Set an alarm for when you need to finish and stick to it.

5. Use your friends to help motivate each other

Why not create a small group of friends where you hold each other accountable for how much you’ll study.  You could all agree to do 3 hours of study and once you have completed that 3 hours you email or call each other. Knowing that your friends are counting on you to also do the work could be just the thing to help keep you on track.

6.  Reward yourself

For putting in a good solid effort of study make sure you reward yourself for your efforts.  This could be as simple as really relaxing in your down time knowing you studied hard earlier in the day or it could be watching a movie or tv show or meeting up with friends.

One of the current challenges many of our HSC students are currently facing in regard to studying is to stop the procrastination of looking at a blank page and get motivated to start studying post Trials.