Michaela’s University Experience – USYD Advanced Science

Sep 5, 2014

Today we go to to Sydney University to find out what our Senior Coach Michaela says about her Advanced Science degree.

What course/Uni? 

1) Advanced Science at USYD

What do you like about your course so far? 

2) I really like that this semester we are finally learning about all the things I have always found interesting like exact chemical compositions of amino acids etc and using this knowledge to predict properties etc.

I also quite liked my SSP (special studies program) versions of bio and chem last semester because they allowed us to go more in depth, challenged us with harder pracs and we had really good demos who were good at explaining concepts etc.

I also really like the fact that i can take electives in visual arts (glassblowing last semester and warm glass this semester) so really a lot of flexibility.

What do you like about your University? 

3) About uni I personally really like the fact that in the beginning you don’t know anyone so its a fresh start. There are many very nice people with similar interests and you can find friends easily. The relaxed atmosphere and uni bars/parties are also quite good.

If you have any questions about Sydney University make sure you ask Michaela next time you see her.

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