Are you interested in a career in sales, finance, marketing, science, human resources or information technology? Then why not do something a bit different and work for Cadbury?

Cadbury is a major global confectionery company employing 50,000 staff worldwide, operating in more than 60 countries, creating and marketing brands people love! They are number 1 for chocolate in Australia with a 53% share, and a strong presence in lollies. In New Zealand they have a 56% share in chocolate. Some well known brands include Cadbury Dairy Milk, The Natural Confectionery Co., Pascall and Green & Black’s.

But whilst the products are fun, the business of creating them is very serious. At Cadbury, they are performance driven and values led. They value their people believe in inspiring each other to achieve great things.

From the website:

People tell us that the great thing about working at Cadbury is that our people are friendly and our work environment is open and welcoming. We also know from our regular employee surveys, that our colleagues feel a strong sense of pride in working for Cadbury. We treasure these aspects of our culture because we recognise that they are essential in fostering an environment where teams and individuals can contribute to business results.

People stay at Cadbury because they feel they can grow personally and professionally – being stretched, offered new challenges and finding the scope to make a difference to the business.

Career management and development is an essential part of our people strategy at Cadbury, which is based on attracting, retaining, motivating and developing our colleagues.

Since each colleague’s career expectations are individual, everyone is responsible for owning and driving their own career, with the support of their manager and the business. The organisation is responsible for setting clear expectations and providing tools, resources and opportunities to help colleagues succeed including assistance with further education.”