YouTube began in 2005 as a start up and was purchased by Google in 2006, yet retain a distinctively start up feel.

From the website:

“Our passion for all things video extends throughout all we do. Our offices are constantly abuzz with the innovative ways people are engaging audiences through video. After all, it’s our job to have a finger on the pulse of pop culture and deliver it to more than 33 million users each day. Even our conference rooms are named after some of our favorite videos and YouTube stars (e.g. David After Dentist, Double Rainbow).

Their headquarters are in San Bruno California, in the heart of Google who they work with to build ideas and find solutions to their challenges on-screen and behind them.

Fun facts:

  • They deliver content to about 33million people a day
  • That’s about a billion people a month
  • 70% of users are outside the US
  • More than 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

But YouTube is much more than a trove of viral videos (although we may have one or two). It has grown to become a platform for citizen journalism, a historical record of world events, a forum for political debate, a stage for the next breakout music star, a virtual classroom, and in some ways, the pulse of pop culture.

Watch the video below to find out about a day in the life of YouTube.