Watching the amazing new series “Cosmos” on National Geographic Channel it has got me thinking about how short our time on earth really is. In the context of our HSC Coaching business I started thinking about a way to share with our students how the next 180 days, while a challenge, is such a tiny percentage of our lives yet it can have a huge impact on the remaining days.

So here are some facts for our students that put the second half (180 days) of HSC 2014 into perspective:

1) You started school 4560 days ago. The final 180 days of your schooling career equates to 3.9% of this time.

2) If you live until the age of 80 you have 22,600 days left on planet earth. The next 180 days is 0.79% of this time.

3) The next 180 days represents 2.7% of your life so far (18 years)

4) The next 180 days represents 0.61% of your total time on earth(assuming you live to 80).

The HSC itself is important but what is more important is who you become as a person when you conquer these next 180 days.

The HSC Coaching team here at HSC CoWorks Mosman and Bondi are here to support you achieve your very best so when the results come out in December you will look back at these next 180 days proud of what you did.


At HSC CoWorks we know that achieving a great HSC result is something that every student across NSW wants to do. The key to doing well is having a clear vision of what a great result means to each individual student. With a clear vision students are able to overcome the inevitable obstacles and stay on track. If the vision is clear, the motivation will be there and the obstacles will be overcome.

Our Sydney HSC Coaching and HSC Tuition service supports students to get clarity for their own vision and through ongoing mentoring and coaching we work towards ensuring that this vision firmly stays front of mind. When problems surface it’s time to revisit the vision.

Jesse Gardiner

Business Manager and Performance Coach